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Grace Tang

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I'm Grace Tang.

Hi there, I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in computer science from the College of engineering.

I learning code and programming.
I also skiing and hiking.


I remember It was a Saturday afternoon and there was a technician man bustling around the living room. He was trying to install a Windows 95 desktop computer for us. The computer was huge and it had just 512 Mb of RAM, as well as a single floppy drive. And this is my first computer story.

I said “Is this my computer?”

“No,” said my dad. “It’s the family computer, not yours. You have to share it with your little sister.”

I had to share the computer with my parent and my sister, but I was still the system’s primary user. My first ever computer game was . When I was little, I could spend the entire afternoon playing with it. I was happy like a fat kid loves cake. At this point in my life I decided to get involved with computer technologies.


As a web developer, I have completed some projects in my journey so far. If you have time & wish to see these projects. You can simply click the projects button below.

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My Expertise

I create responsive websites and Apps!

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I create responsive websites using Bootstrap 4, that allow the user to experience the website in the best and most appropriate way suites to the devices. Languages experience: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap 4, PHP, MySQL, Node.js, C++, Java and Swift 3.

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I use sketch 3 for webs and app design. Sketch 3 is an easy to use and powerful digital design tool for the Mac. Sketch 3 makes generating CSS-friendly graphics, icons and mockups really easy. I consider design to be just as important as development and aim to combine both to produce high quality user experience.

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I use Swift 3/ XCode to build app for Iphone and Ipad. I have experience in building restaurant app and other small apps.

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